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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for an Economic Collapse: Top High-Value Barter Items - The Survival Prep Store

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for an Economic Collapse: Top High-Value Barter Items

Are you prepared for an economic collapse? It's not a matter of if, but when. The signs are all there: unsustainable debt levels, inflation, and crumbling infrastructure. When the next economic crisis hits, you'll be glad you have a stockpile of high-value barter items at your disposal! In this guide, we will discuss the Top Survival Items to Barter When SHTF. These items are essential for any prepper looking to prepare for an economic collapse.


So, what are the Top High Value Survival Items to Barter When SHTF? Here is a list of the items we think are essential:

- Non-perishable food items: canned goods, dehydrated foods, and survival food kits

- Water: bottled water, water filters, and purification tablets

- Shelter: tents, tarps, and sleeping bags

- Water filtration systems and purification tablets

- Firestarting materials: lighters, matches, tinder

-Cooking supplies: camp stove, fuel, utensils


- First aid supplies: bandages, gauze, antiseptic

- Hygiene and sanitation supplies

- Shelter: tents, tarps, sleeping bags

- Clothing and footwear: warm clothing, rain gear, sturdy boots

- Tools and weapons: knives, axes, machetes, firearms, and ammunition

- Medical supplies: first aid kit, prescription medications, herbal remedies

- Communications equipment: two-way radios, solar powered chargers, etc.

- Batteries and solar panels


- Bartering items: gold, silver, precious metals, jewelry, etc.

-Gardening Supplies: fertilizer, heirloom seeds, tools, and growing media.

-Honey: Raw honey has a long shelf life and many uses.

-Map and compass: A must-have for any survival situation!


The most valuable items to barter are those that are essential for survival. Non-perishable food items, water filtration systems, fire starting materials, shelter, clothing and footwear, tools and weapons, medical supplies, and communications equipment should all be at the top of your list. There are also some bartering items that are valuable in an economic collapse, such as gold and silver.

Antibiotics are at the top of the list for high value bartering items. Antibiotics would be needed in a SHTF scenario where medical help is not readily available and infections could run rampant. Other items on the list include first aid supplies, prescription medications, and herbal remedies.

Rules for Bartering:

- Only barter items that you are willing to part with.

- Do not barter items that you may need in the future.

- Do not barter items that could be used as currency.

- Do not barter items that are illegal.

- Only barter items that are in good condition.

- Do not barter items that are perishable.


When it comes to bartering, always remember the golden rule: only barter items that you are willing to part with. This is because you never know when you might need the item yourself.

When stockpiling items to barter, be sure to rotate your stock so that it doesn't expire. And remember, the more you have of an item, the more valuable it will be in a bartering situation. So start stockpiling today and be prepared for anything!


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