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Buying an emergency food supply may be the best investment you can make

"When the day of misfortune comes and come it must sooner or later to all, we must be prepared with Christian fortitude to endure the shock." - Henry Kirke White

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the country and world, many are purchasing emergency food supplies in anticipation of emptied grocery shelves. We're going to look at why this is a wise investment, and why you never lose that money.

1.  Our products have a 25 year shelf life.  The money that you spend on emergency food will never be lost; if you don't use it for the coronavirus epidemic or other emergency, you can eat the food within the next 25 years - and never lose a cent.

2.  Empty store shelvesIf the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread we're going to see empty store shelves, as production slows or stops. While those who have not prepared will go scrounging for food, you'll have an emergency food supply to feed you and your family with.

3.  Peace of mind.  How much would you give for peace of mind? In todays highly stressful world, people have a multitude of obligations, and having a nagging worry at the back of your mind drains your energy.  Having an emergency food and water supply gives you peace of mind.

4.  You can't rely on the government.  Studies show that most Americans erroneously believe that in the event of an emergency or other catastrophe, that the government will come to their aid.  In the wake of hurricane Katrina's devastation,  Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela stated:  'It is incredible, the government had no evacuation plan ... the first power in the world and it left its own population adrift."

We cannot stress enough that you can not rely on the government to save you.  

In the Katrina aftermath, a hospital was prepared for victims in Baton Rouge.  FEMA sent Cipro, which is used against anthrax.  When authorities questioned why this was sent, they were told "that's what it says in the book."

It was also speculated that residents receive so many hurricane warnings, that when the warning about hurricane Katrina came, they paid little attention to it.

Don't make the same mistake.  Prepare now for an emergency.  We recommend at least a 3-month supply of food and water.  Again we reiterate:  buying an emergency food supply is an investment, and you never lose a dime.

*  Note:  we regret to inform you that until further notice, no new orders will be filled for emergency food.  Please leave your email address and we will notify you if and when new orders can be filled.  

We strongly urge you to purchase emergency water storage / purification products in the interim.  Water is the most crucial element necessary:







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