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Financial Preparedness

Financial preparedness may be a big a part of prepping that's often overlooked. We worry about our food supply, making sure that's stocked. We worry about access to clean water, having heat sources, and access to medical equipment, but sometimes skip the importance of preparing financially for when the SHTF. 

FINANCIAL PREPAREDNESS  the 411 on the 101
To master financial preparedness depends a lot on what scenario you're actually dealing with. If it's a storm or terrorist attack, your best bet is to probably just lay low until things calm down. As long as you have enough supplies saved up to make it through the worst of it then you wouldn't give financial preparedness a second thoughts.

If things don't calm down this might smoke you out to the bug out location. Is there where you keep your financial resources? Are the resources still valuable or did something else very quickly take its place. When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, thousands of families were stranded without power, food, or even fresh water because they had not prepared for an emergency. Grocery stores quickly emptied out, price gouging began on bottled water and long term food supplies

In some instances travel might not even be possible, you may not even be near your supplies when SHTF. 

What do you do now? You cant always assume that help will be nearby.

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