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BPA Free 50 Gallon Water Storage Container

by Wise
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Our world is an increasingly unstable place and you CANNOT rely on the government or anyone else to be there for your family in an emergency. That is why FEMA recommends that Every American should have at least a 72 hour supply of food on hand! 

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 Don’t hesitate! Get one of these 50 Gallon Water Storage Containers for you and each member of your family while supplies last. You will not find an easier more affordable way to get prepared! 

HUGE 50 Gallon Water Storage Tank
One 50 gallon storage tank will supply 2 people with 2 gallons of water per day for a little more than 2 weeks. 
Product Details (one container):
Height: 30"
Width/Length: 24" in diameter
Standard hose fitting.
FDA approved and BPA free
SKU: 08-201