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WIll You and Your Family Survive a National Emergency?

We’ve all heard the motto “Be Prepared” but how many of us truly are? Mother Nature can wreak destruction through natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, hail storms, floods, heatwaves, or tornados. Still, other man-made disasters such as the collapse of the economy, a pandemic, or attack on our country would leave most Americans in dire straits. Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) survey learned that almost 60 percent of Americans have not practiced disaster-preparedness. They learned that only 39 percent of people surveyed have an emergency plan and have discussed it with their family.

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Best Places to Move to be Self-Sufficient and Off the Grid

A number of Americans with growing concerns about the economy, society, or a major catastrophic event, are increasingly looking to off the grid living. People are looking to relocate away from cities into more rural areas. Off the grid sustainable communities have even begun forming around the country. Going off the grid means that you find alternate means of producing your own power, procuring your own water, growing your own food, and dispensing of your own sewage.

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