America's Iodine Expert Dr. Brownstein: Take iodine, vitamins for the coronavirus

“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You'd be surprised how far that gets you.”
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Many people are understandably concerned about contracting the coronavirus, but may not need to be.  It's been known among alternative health practitioners that iodine is widely effective against many pathogens. Dr. Brownstein, author of the book Iodine: Why You Need it, Why You Can't Live Without it  said that "there is no bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus that is known to be resistant to iodine." 

Dr. Brownstein asserts that most of the population is low in iodine, and that iodine levels have sharply fallen nearly 60% during the last 40 years, with the RDA being "inadequate to supply enough iodine for all the bodily tissues."

Dr. Brownstein recommends 25 mg/day and increasing the dose (sometimes to 50-100 mg/ day) at the first sign of illness.  He recommends using it under the guidance of a doctor who is knowledgeable about iodine.

He also recommends staying adequately hydrated, and ensuring an intake of vitamins A, C, and D which support the immune system, with vitamins A and C having antiviral abilities. He advises 3-5,000 mg/day of vitamin C when healthy, and at the first sign of illness 1,000 mg/hour until diarrhea begins.

His recommendations for vitamin A are 5,000/day when healthy, and 100,000/day for four days at the first sign of illness (Vitamin A, not beta carotene). He cautions pregnant women to not take these doses.  He recommends 50,000 D3/day for four days at the onset of illness.

It is crucial to note that Dr. Brownstein does not recommend getting the flu shot, stating that it won't help the coronavirus infection, and citing a study which found an increased risk in non-influenza infections, including coronavirus, in those that received the trivalent flu vaccine.

In Smithsonian Magazine's article Could Vitamin C Cure Deadly Infections Dr. Paul Marik was presented with a very ill 53 year old Valerie Hobb, who came into his intensive care unit with a severe case of sepsis. With organs failing, Marik guessed that she would be dead by morning. Marik, who is chief of the pulmonary and critical care medicine unit, had read a research paper where sepsis was successfully treated using IV vitamin C. He tried the therapy on Hobbs, adding a steroid and thiamine. The next morning Marik came in to find Ms. Hobbs alive, and she left the hospital three days later.

Marik repeated the protocol and had another success. He treated a third patient who came in with pneumonia and severe sepsis, and one day after the protocol, his lungs were 50 percent clearer.  Fortunately for these patients, Dr. Marik was open to new ideas.  Vitamin C apparently has strong action against infection, giving you another tool to fight the coronavirus. 

Knowing how to defend your health against the coronavirus threat that is causing such widespread panic can give you a sense of control again. Knowledge is power.  Adding a bottle of Lugol's Iodine, or tablets of iodine to your prepping supplies seems wise, and in the event you cannot get to a doctor, it can be a lifesaver.  Keeping your immune system strong through the above recommendations and by eating a healthy diet low in sugar and junk food, and high in fruits, vegetables, and protein can be your best chance of fighting off the virus.


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