Masks are sold out - will you be the only one without an emergency food supply?

Panicked searches for face masks are on, and almost every place is now sold out of masks due to the coronavirus. There are also reported shortages of hand sanitizer and paper towels.

A study at Chapman University found that 60% of Americans have not practiced disaster preparedness, even though in 2017 hurricanes and other severe weather-related events have made 2017 the costliest year on record for natural disasters, according to Business Insider. 

You’ve probably seen grocery store shelves cleared out before an impending snowstorm. In Marshall Shepherds article “The Science Behind Why People Buy Bread When Snow Is In The Forecast” pondered why people rush out to buy bread, milk, and eggs.  He points out a study by Professor Alan Stewart who suspects that "a group think or herd mentality probably sets in.”

Given that the natural habit of people is to panic in an emergency, it makes sense to make emergency preparations long beforehand so you're not among the panicking masses in an emergency. The Red Cross has been warning people for years to get prepared. Don't wait until all the stores are sold out of food, buy an emergency food supply today. 


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  • User from NY

    Thankfully I have a cabin that is fully stocked.

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