Happy Memorial Day - 10% off any survival food mre bucket

Happy Memorial Day - 10% off any survival food mre bucket

Memorial Day Sale: 10% Off any survival food MRE bucket

Happy Memorial Day to our customers, we appreciate your loyalty to the brand and we would like to honor you with a 10% off coupon towards any survival food bucket or any other item in our store. We want you to know that we listen to your suggestions and are hard at work creating the best possible MRE buckets to fit the needs of our customers!

Coupon Code: REMEMBER

If you're new to us, you may be asking yourself...

"Are emergency food kits worth it?"

Emergency food kits are worth the cost because it is your only backup for nutrition if something devastating was to happen. The electrical grid could go out and you wouldn't have a way to store or cook food. Honestly, before I started prepping I probably would have just had a bag of pretzels and a few cans of soup. You have to ask yourself just one question if you're wondering if emergency kits are worth the money - If the power was out for 3 weeks and grocery stores were sold out, would you have enough food to sustain you and your family? This is one of those items that you always hear about but never want to make the investment because you think -

When would I actually use an MRE kit? 

You spend your life preparing for things to happen, car insurance, grabbing paper towels because you know your toddler is going to spill their juice in the next 5 seconds tops. This is the one purchase where when you buy it you'll end up putting it in the basement or in an attic somewhere and not think twice about it. The best part is you are covered. This is the insurance that you need if something crazy like that did happen. It can't be a waste of money when it can potentially save your life in an emergency situation. 



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