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Different Types of Self-Sufficiency

Being a part of the prepper community, we’ve spent much of the past 4 years working to figure out how we can best be prepared for the economical and other uncertainties that America and the world’s future holds. We’ve determined that the one thing we can do to help prepare our family and other families is to learn how to follow these three basic rules of self-sufficiency and preparedness.

Physical self-sufficiency involves three main things:

1. Working to learn how to be physically healthy
2. Working to learn how to be physically strong
3. Working to nurture your body properly, resting when rest is required, working when work is required.
A life of self-sufficiency requires much physical work. Those wanting to heat their homes with wood, for instance, must have the physical stamina to chop, stack and maintain that wood supply. Those wanting to grow and preserve their own food must have the physical stamina and health that is required to maintain a large garden and to work to harvest and preserve that food.

In a self-sufficient lifestyle, there’s really no room or time for aches, pains and sickness. In order to help your body function at optimum level it’s important to:

1. Eat in a way that promotes good health
2. Get/Stay active in cardiovascular, flexibility and strength-training exercises/health
3. Practice rest and relaxation, get plenty of sleep and don’t work yourself into physical disrepair
4. Being able to be self-sufficient and to be able to share your self-sufficient gifts with others requires good physical health. Don’t downplay this important aspect of a prepper/self-sufficient lifestyle.

Good self-sufficiency preparedness requires a secure financial state. Some aspects of a secure financial state for the purpose of self-sufficiency are:

1. Being free from all debt so that you are not bound to any lender
2. Having multiple sources of income so that you still have the ability to make      money if one income source disappears
3. Having skills or products available for barter or trade should the monetary system collapse and become unusable
4. The less you depend on the mainstream world of “normal” for your need of money, the more self-sufficient you’ll be.

Spiritual self-sufficiency means having the skills/knowledge you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared for any type of disaster or emergency. Physical health is good. Financial health is good. But without the mental/spiritual ability to stay strong-minded and level-headed in the event of a disaster or socio-economic or other breakdown, you’re screwed, for lack of a better term. Mental, emotional and spiritual strength are vital to making wise decisions in the event of an emergency or widespread disaster.

1. Being strong enough emotionally and mentally to make sound and wise decisions in both times of peace and times of chaos
2. Practicing humility so that arrogance can’t come in and make your thinking short-sighted/small picture
3. Having a strong/solid relationship with your god or yourself that encourages confidence and level-headedness
4. Making a commitment to continuing education of the ways that will help you be self-sufficient and an asset to your community.
5. If you are committed to a self-sufficient lifestyle, it’s imperative that you practice honing your skills to help you function optimally in these three areas: physical self-sufficiency, financial self-sufficiency and spiritual self-sufficiency. Don’t leave any skill out when it comes to making sure you and your loved ones are prepared.



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