A global Coronavirus pandemic may be on the horizon

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak in China, whose death toll has reached a reported 10,000, the World Health Organization said that the world is not prepared for a global flu pandemic and that resources are inadequate. They said that a global pandemic of flu is a matter of “when” and not “if”.
History has shown us that pandemics spread to other continents as we can see in the following list:
1.) 165 - Antonine Plague
Death toll: 5 million
Cause: unknown The Antonine Plague spread across Asia Minor, Egypt, Greeted, and Italy.It was brought back to Rome by soldiers returning from Mesopotamia. It wiped out the Roman army.
2.) 541 - Plague of Justinian
Death toll: 25 million
Cause: Bubonic Plague This spread across the Byzantine Empire and Mediterranean port cities. It reportedly killed approximately 5,000 people a day.  
3.) 1346 - The Black Death  
Death toll:75- 200 million
Cause: Bubonic Plague This plaque spread through Europe, Africa, and Asia. It was thought to have spread to other continents by fleas living on the rats that lived aboard merchant ships.
4.) Third Cholera Pandemic
Death toll: 1 million
Cause: Contaminated water The most deadly of the seven cholera pandemics. Began in India, and spread through Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa.
5.) 1889 - Flu Pandemic
Death Toll:1 million
Cause: Virus Began in Central Asia, then northwest Canada, and Greenland.  
6.) 1910 -Sixth Cholera Pandemic
Death Toll: 800,000
Cause: Cholera Originated in India, then spread to the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and Russia, America.
7.) 1918 - Flu Pandemic
Death Toll: 20-50 million
Cause: Influenza Spread across the globe. Curiously, while previous outbreaks killed young and elderly, this one killed hardy, healthy adults, while children and those with weaker immune systems remained alive.
8.) 1956 - Asian Flu
Death Toll: 2 million
Cause: Influenza It originated in China and traveled to Hong Kong, and the United States, causing 69,800 deaths in America.

The worst thing that you can do right now is to be complacent.

As shown above, pandemics do spread to other continents. With hospitals in America bracing for a pandemic, and reports of empty food shelves in Italy, it is prudent to make emergency preparations now. It is recommended that you purchase emergency food with a 25-year shelf life, along with a 50-gallon storage container of water.

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